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After finding you the right property in Berlin, we will start the necessary arrangements for the purchase, explaining in detail all the steps that lead to the signing of the contract, the registration in the land register and the delivery of the apartment.
Our network of contacts will be at your disposal for for renovation, design, managing and renting of your apartment as well as  legal and tax issues. 


What you should know about buying a property in berlin

Additional fees can be up to 15% of the purchase price:
Land registry office fee (Grundbucheintrag): 0.5%
Property transfer tax (Grundwerbsteuer): 6%
Agents fees up to 7.25%                                                                                                                                                                           Notary costs (Notar): 1-2%

In order to avoid speculation and fast increases in property prices, Berlin has put into place several taxes and bureaucratic measures. It is extremely important to get in touch with experts to make sure you can take full advantage of the benefits of the surging real estate market in Berlin. For example, under the German law, in case you want to sell your apartment again, you need to have lived there at least 2 consecutive years in purchased apartment prior to your selling contract. Another alternative of avoiding paying hefty taxes is to sell your Berlin property after 10 years, providing you do not live in the apartment yourself. Domestic regulations in your home country need to be assessed as well.  

What are the credit possibilities with local banks?
International buyers can obtain finance for 40% - 50% of the property value. Banks will offer loans based on the equity available in other assets and properties. You can of course go to your domestic bank to check whether financing is possible but it's not guaranteed they will agree to finance a mortgage involving a property abroad and/or there will be some translation to do for the bank to have a look at all the documents.

What We Do

At C.W. Real Estate Agents, we utilize an extensive network of experts to help you through all stages of the purchasing process, from choosing the right property to the delivery of the keys. Our reliability and completely transparent process are the keys to our success and have allowed us to position ourselves among the leading real estate agencies in Berlin. 

Don't throw your money out of the window!

Don't throw your money out of the window!

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Our Apartments

We offer Fully Furnished Apartments in the Best Locations in Berlin. Save money and, more importantly, time. We take care of everything so you can quickly and conveniently rent or buy the perfect flat in Berlin. Book with CW and you'll have more time to relax, walk around and get familiar with your new neighborhood.